Philosophy Descartes Essay Paper

Philosophy Descartes Essay Paper 1000 words minimum, composed in your own words. Quotations from the book are permitted (and they can help you make your paper better) but they do not count towards this 1000-word requirement.

Philosophy Descartes Essay Paper
Philosophy Descartes Essay Paper

Your paper must be single-spaced, 11 point font size, on a regular 8.5 x 11 paper size with 1î margin. Your name must be at the top, with this title: Paper Two for PHIL 101 Section __555.

Your paper must have two parts: First, explain how Descartes separates all reality into four basic kinds of reality in his philosophy.

Be sure to provide examples of the sorts of things that exist within each kind of reality. Then explain why Descartes thinks that philosophy can know about the two intellectual kinds of reality above the dividing line.

Explain how Descartes argues that philosophy can figure out that God really exists. In your answer, be sure to explain how Descartes shows that three of the four kinds of reality cannot explain why we have the idea of God in our minds.

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