Philosophy Short Essay Questions

Philosophy Short Essay Questions
Philosophy Short Essay Questions

Philosophy Short Essay Questions


Section III. Short Essay Questions.
This section consists of eight (8) short answer questions. You are only required to respond to one (1) of the eight questions below. Your response to each of your one chosen questions will be worth a maximum of ten (10) points. Your thoughtful, organized and well-written responses must be in proper paragraphs, a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs for each response and must contain complete and coherent sentences.

C. Socrates admonished everyone to know thyself. Compare/contrast Aristotle™s view of the human person with the Christian view of the self. Assess which view most fully or accurately represents the truth about the human person.
D. Explain the importance of entelechy to Aristotle’s Efficient Cause and to the Good Life in general.
E. Explain how Aristotle viewed happiness and the defining importance of virtue and vice to Aristotle in that regard.
F. Explain the importance of the Simile of the Sun to Plato’s philosophy and describe the purposes and relationship between the Sun and the Good.
G. Explain the philosophical concept of ontology and describe how two philosophers studied asserted an ontological argument to demonstrate the existence of God.
H. Explain what Natural Theology is and explain how the concept is used by St. Thomas Aquinas in asserting his arguments for God’s existence by Gradation or by Design.

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