Photography in the Fight for Civil Rights

Photography in the Fight for Civil Rights
    Photography in the Fight for Civil Rights

Photography in the Fight for Civil Rights


Black Panther movement to different audiences and communities in the US.

Try to write less about methodology

Try to write less about methodology (ie what you are going to do and how) and actually get down and do some image analysis.


The dissertation should be bound with either plastic or card covers. Binding can be done in the LRC and the Studentsí Union. There is also a local printer opposite the Technopark who is able to spiral bind your dissertation. You must submit two copies to the School office and an electronic copy to Moodle by the deadline.

The research paper must be presented as follows:

Title Page Title of dissertation, your name, the name of the module, module code, name of course for which it is submitted, word count and the following statement:

This Dissertation is submitted as a requirement for the degree of BA (Hons) Photography, London South Bank University, January, 2018.

  • Dedication (Optional) Usually to family, partners or friends.
  • Acknowledgements (Optional)To people or organisations who have given special help in the study.
  • Abstract This 150 – 200 word section should summarise the study, briefly outlining the main points of the research, methods used and conclusions reached. THIS IS NOT AN INTRODUCTION.
  • A Contents Page Listing chapter Headings, sub-headings, page numbers.The text, arranged into chapters, on numbered pages.

The way your dissertation is organised and structured is best decided in consultation with your supervisor. See below for guidelines on structuring your dissertation.

  • Appendices (where relevant)

Reference material relevant to the research and referred to the text but which is too extensive to be included in the main body of the study. This might include raw data from which you have drawn conclusions, interviews, summaries of films etc. Note that you cannot move arguments out of your main text to avoid the word count limits.

  • Bibliography

Sources A-Z of all sources used (please ALPHABETISE A-Z). This can be one list in alphabetical order by author / maker surname (or organisation, if no named author).

It can also be arranged in categories by type of source. It will always include a Bibliography (books and journals), and may also include a Filmography, Online sources etc. We ask you to use the Harvard Referencing System. Please see library guidelines for the Harvard system, which are also provided on the course Moodle.

Referencing is important because it demonstrates how you have understood and used the literature from your review and is a means by which you show your knowledge of your topic. If you don’t make proper use of the academic system of reference, your work may be regarded as simple opinion and unsupported assertions. It may also in more severe cases be mistaken as a deliberate attempt to pass off the writing and ideas of others as your own, which would – in a worst case scenario – count as academic misconduct or plagiarism


The way your dissertation is organised and structured is best decided in consultation with your supervisor. Below are some general guidelines for what these sections should contain. However you decide to structure your dissertation, the organisation should be logical and coherent and you should ensure that the assessment criteria are met.

Introduction Your introduction should describe the research project, clearly stating the research question and the aims and objectives of your study. Some of it may be written in first person. It should briefly outline the background or rationale for the research question and justify your method or theoretical approach in light of this. You should also explain the method(s) selected along with the reasons for your choice. You should give reasons for your chosen methods and link them to the academic theory on which you have based your research.

Literature review/academic context Your review will present the background to your study. A separate literature review chapter will not be appropriate for every research paper. You may instead decide (in consultation with your supervisor) to integrate the discussion of relevant literature into your own analysis. If you do provide a separate literature review, you should still refer back to relevant literature later in the dissertation where appropriate.

In your literature review you should define the ‘field of practice’ to which your chosen topic belongs. Remember to set your limitations (what you are including and why, and what you are excluding and why). Explain why you are interested in this area, and the research question you will be setting. Explain why you are asking that question. Why is it valuable to look at this and why now? Any hypothesis you may have at this point in time can be included here. What is the position you are taking as a researcher? What do you expect to find?

The argument you are making

The argument YOU are making should come next and this is illustrated through the theoretical and historical, economic, societal, cultural or industrial perspectives you have formed through your reading (it is likely you will be looking at the topic area through one or more of these lenses). What are the theories that are particularly helpful in giving you a perspective on your topic? What research by academics.

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