Platos Phaedo Eva Braun Philosophy Final

Platos Phaedo Eva Braun Philosophy Final Plato’s Phaedo, Eva Braun, trans. Focus Publishing 9780941051699-Book

Platos Phaedo Eva Braun Philosophy Final
Platos Phaedo Eva Braun Philosophy Final

This is your last chance to impress me. (I’m very impressionable.) So, please do your best to write a great paper.

Platos Phaedo Eva Braun Philosophy

Final Questions

The questions are simple, the answers are not. You may be tempted to give a relatively short, straightforward answer; resist that temptation, and try to give as complete and perhaps even complex an answer as you can (within the length restriction, of course). I am asking you to answer specific questions, but I encourage discussions of themes and problems that range across the various materials we have encountered in the course of the semester.
Because of university-mandated grade-submission policies, this deadline is inflexible. LATE PAPERS WILL LANGUISH IN ELECTRONIC OBLIVION, UNGRADED AND
UNSHRIVEN, UNTIL KINGDOM COME (whereupon the Lord Almighty may show mercy, but you probably should not take your chances….).
Essay Format and Submission Requirements:
•Normal, college-level expectations for essay-writing apply.
•You need to have a thesis (stake a claim about the topic)–the more interesting, the better.

Platos Phaedo Eva Braun Philosophy Final Conclusion

•You need to argue in favor of that thesis—persuasively lead your leader towards your conclusion.
•You need to provide concrete, evidential support for that argument (this evidence should primarily come from the texts that we have read and discussed).
•And you need to present your ideas sympathetically, with the reader in mind, in a clear and compelling way.
•Your paper should be no more than 1250 words long, with 12 point font and double-spaced.
•You need to submit your paper electronically, through the “turnitin” dropbox available on the course website (see the main menu for the dropbox link).
1. Why does Plato think that a mimetic or representational model is the best way to understand the world?

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