PMBOK Time and Schedule Management

PMBOK Time and Schedule Management Executive Summary 5 Concise, no more than a half to three-quarters of a page Integration Management (Ch. 4) 5 The information for each of these sections comes from what has been developed in Weeks 1–7 plus change management.

PMBOK Time and Schedule Management
PMBOK Time and Schedule Management

It needs to be organized according to the course textbooks and the PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas. The report contains more content than the Weeks 1–7 submissions. It reflects further explanation to demonstrate your communication skills. Scope Management (Ch. 5) 5 Time and Schedule Management (Ch. 6) 5 Cost Management (Ch. 7) 5 Quality Management (Ch. 8) 5 Human Resource Management (Ch. 9) 5 Communications Management (Ch. 10) 5 Risk Management (Ch. 11) 5 Procurement Management (Ch. 12) 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 5 Format and writing quality: title page, page numbers, headers, font type and size, length, and APA compliance 15 The report is formatted using this rubric as a guide for content and sections. The tone addresses the Project Sponsor directly and professionally. The table of contents shows each section with at least two outline levels. Each section is clearly labeled in the body of the report. The core report length is 1,500–2,000 words (no limits on appendices, charts, graphs, or supporting documentation). the report is APA-compliant with accurate in-text citations supporting full citations on the reference page. The report contains no spelling, grammar, typographical, or formatting errors; all links are functional, and graphics and charts are clear and legible. Writing quality is excellent, clear, organized, and professional.

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