Position Statement Critique Assignment

Position Statement Critique
              Position Statement Critique

Position Statement Critique

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Student Information Assessment Task 2 (Part A):

Position Statement Critique
This assessment requires students to demonstrate that they can critique and provide constructive feedback. Students are to provide a structured critique of the provided paper.

Framework (guide only)

1. Is the position statement structured? Does it have an introduction and a conclusion that clearly states the position?
2. Does the position statement relate to the topic?
3. Does the position statement demonstrate adequately the links to the National
Competency Standards for Registered Nurse?
4. Are the references used to support the position statement current and credible (i.e.
evidence), why or why not? (EG. – REF. OLDER THEN 5 YEAR OLD IS NOT RELIABLE )
5. Do you think the author eliminated any important information (i.e. evidence) in
stating their position? If so, please refer to these evidence sources in your critique.
6. Remember when giving feedback it must be constructive regardless of whether it is
positive or negative feedback.

Remember that your critique will be assessed against the criterion referenced rubric in your unit outline. The above is merely a guide to help you with this assessment task.


The position statement on A dedicated pool of funding from new or existing sources should be made available over “the next 5 years to provide research grant money and for cooperative research centres for nursing” is well structured. This is because it has a number of not just paragraphs but also an introduction and conclusion. Various experts suggest that a well-structured essay consist of both the introduction and conclusion (Third, 2014). While the introduction must present an overview  and connection to the topic, the body should support the position statement. Ultimately, the conclusion must provide a summary of the article (Rolls & Wignell, 2013).

The author has adequately integrated these aspects in the position statement. In other words, the position statement flows from the introduction to the conclusion.  The introductory paragraph, clearly states the author’s standpoint  that demonstrates the importance of funding nursing research since it is the basis of providing current and safe evidence to meet the needs of patients. On the other hand, the author presents a detailed background of the topic and things to be discussed such as the significance of research in increasing patient health care needs with a keen consideration of the NMBA standards for nurses and those in charge of funding research centers for nurse staff. The conclusion reiterates the author’s standpoint while presenting a summary of the article and the relevance of  adhering to the NMBA competency standards 3 and 7 to ensure effective service delivery. This is considered critical when it comes to enhancing their skills as well as promote safety in service provision.

The paragraphs are appropriately structured and the author goes ahead to present NMBA standards relevant to the issue and strengthens them with references to support his/her standpoint.  Case in point, the author uses the NMBA standard 3.1 that argues nurses to show an understanding of current research in their practice. The author also cites standard 3.2, which encourage nurses to use available practice in service delivery. Again, these supported by references to strengthen the author’s stand.                                   With respect to references, the author uses a variety of sources such as websites, journals, and a book to support the position statement. Much as the author has used different credible sources, 3 references are older than five years an aspect that can affect the reliability of the position statement. The credibility of sources used involves assessing information utilised, author’s affiliation or previously published articles (Connolly & Golderman, 2015). Moreover, journal articles must be peer-reviewed, since, they are credible and important (Guggenmoos, 2015). According to Pinfield (2015), peer-reviewed journals are reviewed by scholars in a given field to ensure it complies with editorial regulations before it’s published.  Therefore, the author has such articles in this position statement they have just relevant content related to the topic.                                                                                                   While the author has used one journal that is not peer-reviewed, it does not imply that it is not correct.  By and large, the references used in this position statement are useful to the topic and thus, support the author’s standpoint. Furthermore, these references are relevant to the standards of NMBA and show the importance of funding nursing research.


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