Positive Effects of Candies Multiculturalism on Minorities

Positive Effects of Candies Multiculturalism on Minorities You MUST write the argumentative essay base on the outline I provide.

Positive Effects of Candies Multiculturalism on Minorities
Positive Effects of Candies Multiculturalism on Minorities

What you should use:

One academic book/2 academic journal articles/1-2 semi academic (you research based on library workshop guide)

You must complete essay worksheets I give you for every reading to record important information about each reading. You then use them in your essay. ALL ESSAY SHEETS TO SUBMIT WITH ESSAY. COUNTS TOWARD YOUR MARK.

Have an argumentative title

Have a clear thesis statement that gives your main point and argument.

Use transition words and reporting verbs for organization

Type double-spaced

Use correct punctuation

Give 8-12 short in-text citations as quotation & paraphrases in APA

Remember: this is Process-writing and you need to take all the steps to be able to compose a qualified essay. You are not supposed to get help except from me, Writing Centre Tutors or OLC tutors or Library ESL corner. You should keep a copy of your external sources and your notes in case I ask you to present them to support the originality of your work.

Positive Effects of Candies Multiculturalism on Minorities Steps to take:

  1. Start to think about the topic and all the readings and discussions we have had
  2. Have a rough outline of your essay in mind or paper (we will have outlining session in class)
  3. Select parts of the readings that you like to use as support/example/ evidence to support your main idea,
  4. Mark them in your textbook and essay worksheets
  5. Choose and learn the specific vocabulary/terms you need to use in essay
  6. Know about how to make a simple quotation and paraphrase with citation in APA. I will teach this.

Until then, we will work on different parts of essay writing and you have the chance to practice writing some parts of it in class.

Mid-term writing assignment gives you the chance to write some parts of the essay and receive feedback from me.

Writing Centre (Ross South 5th floor) provides tutoring on all parts of assignments. Visit it online and register.

This is a general topic and you can discuss any part of it in essay as long as it is argumentative. Make sure you mark the key words in topic to use in title and thesis statement.

An argumentative essay defends and supports one side (ex. negative side) but also refers to the opposite ideas.


Discuss and argue the effects of Canada’s multiculturalism on minorities: does it have negative effects for example on their identity; does it lead to stereotypes and isolation; or

does it have positive impact to strengthen their understanding of self and others?

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