Poverty is Not Inevitable Essay Paper

Poverty is Not Inevitable
         Poverty is Not Inevitable

Poverty is Not Inevitable: What We Can Do Now to Turn Things Around

1. STUDY the article, “Poverty is Not Inevitable: What We Can Do Now to Turn Things Around,” by Dean Paton. It is full of information and well written. You will need to read it more than once to get an understanding and to analyze what Dean Patton is saying. Go to http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/the-end-of-poverty/why-poverty-is-not-inevitable
2. WRITE a paper of at least 2000 words. Type the questions. Answer each part of every question. Be sure to spend time and space on your answers to #9 and #10. Recommendation: Submit a MS Word formatted document.
3. RESEARCH (see question #9) the idea/model you have chosen (see question #9) Use at least three articles or chapters about one of Alperovitz’s ideas of models for a new economy that Paton lists. A bibliography/reference page is required.

1. Why does the author believe that inequality and poverty are “suddenly hot topics?’
2. Do you agree that “the terms of the public debate have changed?” Why or why not?
3. What did Thomas Piketty find in his research? Why do you think his book was a best seller?
4. What does Piketty recommend as a solution to growing inequality?
5. What important data des Hedrick Smith’s book cite about the growth of economic inequality between 1945 and the present?
6. Why does the author think Gar Alperovitz’s ideas are valuable?
7. What does Hedrick Smith propose as ways to reclaim the American Dream?
8. In what ways is political action involved in realizing Smith’s ideas?
9. In the article, we learn that Alperovitz proposes 6 major ideas/models of ways (in the meantime) for “democratizing wealth from the bottom up” (worker ownership, social enterprises, community development corporations, land trust, government owned & operated businesses, transforming too-big-to-fail banks). Directions: Select one idea/model. Research using a minimum of three sources. Write your response to question #9. List/document sources.
10. What is your response to Alperovitz’s words about changing the system? And what can you as a social justice advocate do to foster a  new kind of economy? Think about the Action Roles for Social Change
described during the lectures, and about you own passions and skills.

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