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Practical Proposal
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Practical Proposal

Practical Proposal Often groups or individuals produce and present practical proposals in order to implement an idea they have, improve conditions around them in society, or as required by school or work. For our purposes, we will survey Utah State University or our local town and determine what we would like to propose. What can you improve? What ideas do you have to implement? What is a prevalent issue you can address? Think specific and constructive!PURPOSE:?Develop a sense of Audience?Practice problem solving & argumentative writing?Present visual argument & field questionsCOMPONENTS:?Secondary Research?Portfolio?PresentationDEADLINES:Project Drafts–Monday, 2/25Final–Monday, 3/4 by 11:59 pmREQUIREMENTS:?Coordinate efforts to produce a Practical Proposal o Complete Brainstorm (pg. 317)o Determine Claim type and associated thinking strategy (pg. 314-315)o Consider Stock Issue Questions (pgs. 315-316)?Conduct research acquiring at least 4 Secondary Sourceso Research covers problem, audience pressure points, and supporting reasons/counterargument?Compile writing in a portfolio divided into the following sections:1. Letter of Transmittal, introducing the proposal to intended audience and giving background on writer2. Description of Problem3. Proposed Solution4. Justification including counterargument5. Works Cited page—one page for all sources used?12 pt Times New Roman font, Single spaced ?MLA-style formatted Works Cited page (One for entire Portfolio)?Use headings as shown in example on pgs. 324-327?Finally, share your proposal with the class in a brief presentation
Practical Proposal RubricCriteriaPoor Average Superior Document outlines the issue and its impacts; creates strong presence for audience with the power to act on proposal246Document presents thesis as proposed solution to the problem; fully explains how to implement the solution 246Document justifies the proposed solution through a series of supporting reasons; clearly outlines lost potential and evaluates all costs and consequences for groups involved468Letter of Transmittal, introduces the proposal to intended audience and gives background on writer246Facts were gathered using at least 4 credible secondary sources135Format of document met requirements; follows organization plan in textbook124Works Cited page entries and format 135Total Points _______/40Practical Proposal PresentationContent- The presentation distilled important points from Problem, Solution, Justification, ____/5 Audience, and Counterargument *Presentation must include a recorded video, PowerPoint, or Prezi Organization- The presentation was interesting (visuals) and easy to follow & understand,
included recorded voice over. ____/4 Persuasive-
The presentation encourages specific action from the
intended audience. ____/4 Audience- The presenter explain
whom the proposal was directed towards and why ____/3
Context- The presenter provided necessary background to
understand entire issue. ____/4 Total Points ____/20

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