Practice Profile Story about Nicki Karimipour

Practice Profile Story about Nicki Karimipour Workshop Write a profile story about Nicki Karimipour based on watching the interview with her from Module 6:

Practice Profile Story about Nicki Karimipour
Practice Profile Story about Nicki Karimipour

“Workshop on Interviewing for the Personal Profile Assignment” – Dr. Julie Dodd & Nikki Karimipour (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. [33:30]

Be sure to base your profile on the second interview – not the first sample interview on the video. The focus of the profile is on Ms. Karimpour’s experience as editor of the Florida State University newspaper.

The profile story should include quotes, paraphrases, and anecdotes from the interview. Identify the type of soft lead used and nut graph.

Review the rubric before you begin this assignment and again before you submit to make sure you have addressed all the requirements.


Soft lead: Soft lead that draws the reader into the story. Soft lead based on the interview and not an essay-type lead or created from the writer’s imagination or speculation. Can include profile subject’s name.

Nut graph Follows lead. Usually the second or third graph. Summarizes the focus of the profile and identifies the person by name (if not done in lead) and includes other relevant information.

Storytelling: The profile focuses on one aspect of the person throughout the article. Includes relevant, specific details. Emphasis on showing not telling. Includes at least two anecdotes. Answers questions readers would have. Avoids vague, generalized or clichéd language. The story comes full circle, if appropriate. Elements of past, present and future are addressed as needed.

Writing Style: Easily understood. Organized and makes good use of transitions. Uses active voice when possible Stays objective. Provides needed context and/or explanation of terms. Uses clear, tight and natural writing. One or two-sentence graphs. Sentences generally no more than 35 words.

Quotes, paraphrases, and attribution: Uses a minimum of five relevant, effective quotes. Also makes good use of paraphrasing. Quotes and paraphrases are appropriately introduced and used in context. The story ends with a kicker quote or paraphrase. Attribution is used regularly and effectively. Attributions repeated during story to indicate the source of information. Attribution typically used at the end of the information. “According to” most often used for citing reports. Said most often used for citing people.

Headline: Includes subject and verb. The brief summary of the story. Not a teaser or question. Should be no more than about 8 to 10 words.

Writing Mechanics and AP Style: Story free of grammar errors, typos, and punctuation errors. AP Style used properly.

Fact Error(s): Story free of inaccurate information and errors or typos in proper nouns, numbers, addresses, dates, and quotes.

Submission Requirements

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