Preparation of Synthetic Polymers

Preparation of Synthetic Polymers Polyester, nylon, polyurethane and crosslink polymer, polyvinyl acetate (pva))

Preparation of Synthetic Polymers
Preparation of Synthetic Polymers

You will be writing paragraphs for a lab report. Only 5 parts of the lab report need to be done:
Summary of principle
Report and discussion
Qualitative data (needs to be in paragraph form)
(All sections need to be a complete paragraph.)
Examples, experiment lab Manuel and recorded data/notes will be uploaded from the experiment. A prevalent but erroneous notion is that useful polymer, such as those given in Table 29-1, can be, and are, made by slap-dash procedures applied to impure starting materials. This is far from the truth; actually, the monomers used in most large-scale polymerizations are among the purest known organic substances.

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