Principles of management Essay Paper

Principles of management
             Principles of management

Principles of management

An in-depth managerial analysis of company Nike
The following questions or issues should be addressed:
1. What is the mission of the organization?
a. What planning methodologies are utilized?
b. Define and assess the organization’s strategy.
c. Identify its customers and/or constituents; and its competitors.
2. Describe how the firm is organized.
a. Note the formal structure (organizational charts); also what informal entities exist?
b. Describe the decision-making process.
c. How does the organization manage change?
3. What is the leadership style?
a. Who are the organization’s heroes?
b. Describe the motivational environment.
c. Assess the effectiveness of the organizational communications.
4. Comment on the processes for control
a. Note the type of controls.
b. Describe the financial controls.
c. Describe the operational controls.
d. What role(s) do information systems play?
5. Evaluate any innovative managerial practices.
a. How is entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship encouraged? b. What ethical dilemmas are faced?
c. What sources of “employee empowerment” are utilized? d. Role(s) of technology
6. SWOT Analysis
a. Identify Strengths
b. Identify Weaknesses c. Identify Opportunities d. Identify Threats
6. Assess your interest in joining the organization. a. Why or Why Not?
b. How? well documented references and bibliography

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