Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board

Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board Read half of chapter 2: Pages 49-72 Discussion Board Directions:

Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board
Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board

Theory Application (Discussion Board Topic)

Several topics for theory application are listed on Blackboard. You must analyze two (2) of the topics by applying the course concepts to a company of your choice.

Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board

To analyze a topic, prepare a thorough answer to the detailed questions provided. Your analysis must demonstrate mastery of the topic. During class, make a detailed presentation explaining the course concepts to fellow students in the context of your chosen company.

After class, update your answer to incorporate the class discussion and suggestions. Submit your final documents on the Blackboard discussion boardóincluding a word-processed essay, presentation slides, spreadsheets, and other supplementary documents.

Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board

Begin by providing a vignette describing the companyís application of the particular course concept. Research about the chosen company is expected. (Use your free subscription to the Wall Street Journal.) However, the emphasis is not just on reporting facts. More importantly, delve into the analysis. What do you think about the companyís application?

Does the practice match theory? Is it effective? Any challenges? What could be done differently? Etc. To the extent, detailed company information is not available, describe a hypothetical application of the course concept in that context. Make reasonable assumptions (state them).

Make sure to cite all your references. If you choose to examine a company you are/were employed at; make sure you do not divulge confidential information. Restrict yourself to publicly available (or hypothetical) information.

Process Strategy and Analysis Discussion Board Class Discussion

You are expected to actively participate in class discussions. Critique the lead presentations, keeping in mind that critique is not merely criticism. Ask questions that uncover deeper insights.

Correct any inaccuracies. Add relevant information, facts, supporting calculations, etc. The highlight, with rationale, the points you agree/disagree with. Explore any challenges that the company might face. Suggest supporting/contrary examples from other contexts or industries.

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