Professional Development and Networking

Professional Development and Networking Human resource (HR) practitioners have several professional or trade association options where they can go to network, access professional development opportunities, share job postings, and locate up to date resources. There are two HR associations available to you as students of the MHRM degree program:

Professional Development and Networking
Professional Development and Networking

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Ashford University Forbes School of Business & Technology SHRM Chapter

In preparation for your initial post, identify the member-exclusive resources, tools, professional development, and/or networking opportunities you find most interesting in either of these groups. In what ways can you maximize your student memberships? Select and utilize one product or service or participate in member activity. Provide a summary of it. Explain how it increased your understanding of an HR related topic, expanded your professional network, or enhanced your learning experience. Is it a resource you recommend to your classmates?

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