Professional Performance and Impression of Music

Professional Performance and Impression of Music Minimum 800 words, typed, double-spaced, your name, title of the paper (Concert Paper 1), MUS 100, Prof. Horn. Hand-written papers will not be accepted. The Dropbox feature (tab) is now enabled.

Professional Performance and Impression of Music
Professional Performance and Impression of Music

Full sentences must be used – single word
observations will not be accepted. This must be a live-concert event – YouTube or bar bands are not acceptable.
Following is a guideline of items which should be observed and included in the paper:
– Vocal and/or instrumental music.
– Style/genre – be specific. For example date and period in which the music was composed.
– Names of ALL instruments used in the performance.
– What instrument(s) played the melodies?
– What instrument(s) played the harmony (chords)?
– What instrument(s) played the rhythm?
– Was the music in a major key, minor key, or both?
– Meter of the music. Was the meter in duple or compound (triple). Most likely, there will be several pieces of music performed, consisting of different
meters i.e. 3/4 time, 4/4 (common time).
– Name of group, orchestra, artist, etc.
– Name of performance location (venue) – i.e. Crowder Hall, School of Music, University of Arizona.
– Date you attended the concert/event.
– Names of the pieces of music (titles) in the performance. Helpful hint: usually, concerts, particularly in Crowder Hall, will have detailed programs which
are given to patrons upon entering the concert hall.
– Finally, your impression(s) of the performance – do you feel it was a quality, professional performance? Also, your impression of the music itself – How
did it impact you?

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