Progression as a clinician at the University of Florida College of Nursing

Progression as a clinician at the University of Florida College of Nursing

Describe your progression as a clinician including key roles and experiences.

Describe all professional and community leadership roles including present or past. List activities/responsibilities for each leadership role.

Describe volunteer activities within the past two years and time spent on these activities.

Describe all scholarly activities and role in the activity.

What are your professional goals? Tell us how a DNP from the University of Florida College of Nursing will help you reach your goals.

  1. Describe how your area of clinical interest aligns with the DNP specialty track and how you made the decision to pursue this specialty.
  2. Describe an area of clinical interest you would like to explore further as a clinical project. Why does this area interest you?
  3. Describe your personal and professional experience that has best prepared you for doctoral study.*
  4. The University of Florida College of Nursing is committed to creating an academically challenging and supportive educational community of students with diverse talents, experiences, and backgrounds. What in your background will uniquely contribute to our community in the College of Nursing?*

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