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Using “Powell, M. B., Guadagno, B. L., & Clematis, P. (2013). Workplace stressors”:

Evaluate the research questions using the Research Questions and Hypotheses Checklist as a guide
Identify the type of qualitative research approach used and explain how the researchers implemented the design
Analyze alignment among the theoretical or conceptual framework, problem, purpose, research questions, and design

Please include quotations from: Babbie ch 10 and Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar’s research study.

If you don’t include quotations from Babbie ch 10 and Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar’s research study, I will consider the work not complete.



My topic is college sexual violence. It was estimated by researchers Fisher et al. (2009) who conducted a large-scale survey of college women that “a female student has a 20% to 25% chance of experiencing a completed or attempted rape in the course of a 5-year college career.”1 The understanding of sexual coercion is cloaked in mystery and fraught with taboos and potent defense mechanisms. Some behavioral scientists attempt to study human sexual aberrations and deviations by extrapolating from animal behavior. For example, Professor Milton Diamond of the University of Hawai‘i at M?noa maintains that “Since no experimental studies on the imprinting of human sexuality per se are available, animal experiments may provide further insight into such a possibility”2. However, this approach is flawed since it excludes society’s causal role in perpetuating rape. Even though human attitudes have varied both across and within cultures and eras, most societies have historically been viewing rape as a strictly interpersonal event which lacks ties to larger structural issues, a victim-precipitated event and is it the victim’s “fault” as she “causes” it by her behavior, dress, or attitudes. According to Mary Koss (1985), nearly 37% of the college women in a survey she conducted reported being either sexually abused or assaulted, while only 9% of their male counterparts defined their behaviors as sexually abusive or assaultive. In a later study by Mahoney et al. (1986) the researchers found that almost 20% of the college women questioned reported experiencing forced coitus, but only 4% of their male counterparts admitted to committing such crimes. Malamuth (1981) found that more than one-third of the male respondents reported that they would commit rape if little likelihood existed that they would be caught.

My worldview is not based on the value free approach to social sciences research in which the scholar is an outsider and not involved. As a researcher, my philosophical orientation is that of the participant observer, to use Dr. Michael Patton’s words in the video clip. By the way, it was my personal experience that led me to be interested in the study of rape when in the course of producing a documentary, my PA, explaining why she was late to work, related to me that she was raped on the preceding night. I foolishly asked her if she enjoyed it. I thought I was joking but was shocked at her bursting into bitter tears. That was the initial trigger of my interest in the subject. Ontologically speaking, I perceive human suffering as real and actual. I am not indifferent to human suffering and abuse and I reject the notion that scientists aren’t supposed to take a stand. I acknowledge that I am biased and, personally, take the side of the rape victim. Based on that, I would like to scientifically investigate the phenomenon of rape.

After addressing the definitions underlying the research, the study approach will focus on collecting quantitative rape prevalence data and qualitatively rapist and non-rapists attitudinal and socialization history data. This can be done by collecting empirical data via structured questionnaires to elicit reports of rape as well as via unstructured interviews of rapists and non-rapists




The effectiveness of the research study is considered complete through the evaluation of issues such as the research the questions used, the hypothesis used, and other important facets used to develop any research. Therefore, the identification and the conduction of further an analysis can be carried out in order to determine the effectiveness of the research. This paper is set to determine whether it is important in trying to determine the general appropriateness of the through the evaluation of different elements concerns a research study made by Tomyn et al.  Other researchers’ assertions will be used to augment the important findings made.

Evaluation of the Research the Research Questions

According to Tomyn ert al. (2015), the research study concerns the evaluation and determination of the exploitation of the child investigators in the Australian internet. Therefore, it has been able to make use of a number of research questions as a way of determining the manner in which relevant data could be obtained (Tomyn et al., 2015). The research study requires the use of both qualitative, as well as quantitative data in order to keep on improving the general information that could be used to draw the appropriate conclusion about the research study. The questions aims at creating appropriate variables that can be used to derive the appropriate answers. For instance, one of the research question, the team of researchers wanted to measure the extent of life satisfaction by different based on the assertions of different authors regarding the matters addressed in the research question. At this juncture, they wanted to understand whether the respondents were satisfied with their own life, as well as based on their personal circumstances. The appropriate options that were provided were two and were “completely satisfied” and “completely dissatisfied” (Tomyn et al., 2015). Therefore, the provision of the two main options meant that the respondents could be limited, in giving out their answers. As a result, the move proved highly important in helping the researchers carry out more exploratory analysis of the researcher study. The answers provided could be used for further qualitative analysis of the research study.

Identification of the Type of Qualitative Research Approach Used and Explanation of How the Researchers Implemented the Design

As noted earlier, the use of the research questions acted as one of the most appropriate ways of devising qualitative research approach. For instance, the research had to carry out the appropriate measurement of the personal well-being of the target respondents. As a result, the research used seven different ways of defining the personal well-being of the target respondents. The seven factors, which were also used as the satisfaction score are listed below. These include the health, the living standards, life achievements, the relationships, the general safety, the connection to the community, and the future security. As a result, any answer that fell within this category acted as a strong determinant of the quality relating to the general well-being of the respondents (Tomyn et al., 2015). This is due to the fact that the answer provided are highly interconnected with the themes of the research study. Apart from that, the answer provided acts as a form of exploratory verbs that helps to depict the qualitative analysis of the research the study.
Analysis of the alignment among the theoretical or conceptual framework, problem, purpose, research questions, and design
The research study has also been able to make use of the appropriate theoretical, as well as conceptual framework in trying to expound the general development of the paper. For instance, the research study has been able to use a proper schematic representation that indicates the level of the ‘strength of satisfaction.’ As a result, the proper representation of the seven factor believed to determine or to have a major influence on the level of personal satisfaction has been used to determine the mean of the personal well-being. In short, the paper made use of the conceptual and theoretical framework to give a clear indication of the themes of the paper (Tomyn et al., 2015). On the other hand, it has also been able to use the mix method research design. Here, both the qualitative and quantitative method of data collection have been employed throughout the research study (Tomyn et al., 2015). Therefore, the use of the quantitative research deign has been used to determine the general response to the major variables that have been used throughout the research study. Apart from that, this can be used to improve the general direction of the paper. Here, the use of the qualitative research skills can be related to the work of Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar. Sakar has made use of the research design and skills in trying to capture some of the most interesting data through the use of the directing question. Such questions have been able to direct the respondents to give certain answers such as the isolation and family violence as the main causes of the child oppression. This is the same case that the research study being discussed have followed in trying to portray the use of the qualitative research skills. Similarly, Babbie ch 10 has also been able to use the same skills in order to identify the main variables of the research study. Here, there has been use of directing questions in order to give a certain order of answers. This can be used to make comparative answers.


Tomyn, A. J., Powell, M. B., Cassematis, P., Smallbone, S., & Wortley, R. (2015). Examination    of the Subjective Well-Being of Australian Internet Child Exploitation Investigators.       Australian Psychologist, 50(3), 203-211

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