Psychology Critical analysis of Bilingualism

Psychology Critical analysis of Bilingualism
Psychology Critical analysis of Bilingualism

Psychology Critical analysis of Bilingualism

Describe the tone the news story uses to present the findings and claims.

That is, does the story seem straightforward and reasonable, or perhaps ground-breaking and novel, or else counter-intuitive, sensational, or even shocking? (Give examples of how the story is reported to back this up). Is the story missing any information that could make the claims or conclusions more convincing (such as a control group, comparison condition, details, or evidence)?

When you first found the story, were you convinced that it was accurate, or were you skeptical? Why?

Next, track down the original scientific article behind the story. The news story may not completely cite the article, so you may need to do some detective work here. Use the Internet to find the name of the journal or conference, the name of the authors, and the title of the article. You can probably just google the last names of the scientist/authors and date associated with the finding, get the full citation and then look it up in the library’s electronic journal collection (or it may work to google the article’s title). If you need help tracking down the scientific report from a journal

Then, read the scientific article. You may be unfamiliar with some of the jargon or statistics, but do the best you can (you don’t need to read every word). Summarize what was varied within the experiment and what things were compared. Try to find the part of the article that the news story seems to be based on, then say how the scientist reported the finding, then identify and describe any differences between that and how the news story reported the finding.

In your opinion, does the news story simplify the scientific article appropriately, without being misleading? Or do the claims in the story go beyond those in the article, and if so, how? Are there important limitations discussed in the scientific article that didn’t make it into the news story?

Briefly comment on how much you trust the scientific article (how good the original study is).

  1. Is the scientific journal or conference where it was presented a good one? Journals are rated by how much impact their articles have within a scientific field. This is called an “impact factor.” If your source is a journal, report the journal’s impact factor (just google the journal’s name and “impact factor”). If it’s a scientific conference, try to estimate whether it’s selective (= uses peer review) or else has loose or no standards (some conferences allow anyone to publish who can pay a fee; others allow members of a society to publish without going through peer-review).
  1. Does the research finding seem to be completely novelóis this the only study that found this resultóor is it consistent with other studies? (We’re not asking you to do a lit search here, but to use your best judgment of based on how the article is presented.)
  1. Yes or no: Can you identify any missing controls or weaknesses, or do you see any confounds in the scientific study? A confound as something unintended that the experimenter failed to take account of, that may actually be causing the result. For some examples of confounds, see

Provide a brief conclusion about what you’ve learned from this assignment.

Format: Address all of these questions and points in an organized fashion do all this in 2 well-written pages, 11-12 point font (double- or 1.5-spaced – your choice).

Topic : Bilingualism: How we turn on and off languages

article link:

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