Public Health Informatics Training Paper

Public Health Informatics Training
Public Health Informatics Training

Public Health Informatics Training

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Public Health Informatics Training

analysis of the training requirements of disease surveillance professionals. Summarize your findings and complete the “Self-Assessment Grid”; make sure to attach the grid to your Discussion posting. Describe the training you would need, list the resources that are available to enhance your competence in this area, and explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the training you complete.


Summary of Findings

The UN is dedicated to the reduction of economic, health and social problems caused by communicable diseases (Lombardo & Buckeridge, 2007). To achieve this end, it has committed lots of effort to supporting Ministries of Public Health in different countries. The aim of this support is to improve their capacity to survey and monitor every communicable disease as required by the regulations of international health policies. According to them, this will strengthen alert and systems of response in case of emergencies and epidemics (Lombardo & Buckeridge, 2007).

The training

The training I need is how to facilitate proper surveillance of communicable diseases, managing information, analyzing collecting information about the diseases and writing reports and financial cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health (M’ikanatha, 2013).

Resources for Enhancing Competence in this Area

·         Good communication skills-a good mastery of language

·         Computers connected to information databases

·         Trainers from the United Nations

·         Reading materials-books and handouts

·         Sponsorship by the United Nations to go to countries affected by many communicable diseases for the purpose of practically dealing with them

Evaluating the effectiveness of the training

I would evaluate the effectiveness of the training basing on my ability to collect and analyze information about communicable diseases, make follow-ups to the information: attend to the victims of the diseases. My ability to write reports about the diseases will also help determine the extent of the training’s success. In other words, if I will be able to get the information from my sources and act on them for the benefit of the victims, I will consider the training effective. On the other hand, if I cannot do that by the end of the training, then the training failed.


Lombardo, J., & Buckeridge, D. (2007). Disease surveillance. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley- Interscience.

M’ikanatha, N. (2013). Infectious disease surveillance. Chicester: Wiley-Blackwell.

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