Quantitative Write-Up Project Report

Quantitative Write-Up
Quantitative Write-Up

Quantitative Write-Up

COMM 3150 – Project Report (Quantitative)

General Guidelines:

The report should be double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 in margins
Include a cover page
Follow the general format of the example methods and results from sections posted on Canvas, though my primary concern is that you have all the information (and that the information is correct).
* Page lengths below are simply a guideline.

Part One: Rationale and Hypotheses/Research Questions

(about ½ page for rationale, ½ page to list Hypotheses/Research Questions )

Why did we choose this topic? Why did we think this was beneficial to study? ( Test anxiety n self esteem)
What were our research questions/hypotheses? Choose four 2 non-significant and 2 significant

You will choose at least four total. These can be the ones we did in class OR they can be ones you created (as long as you can test them…and do so correctly).

You need to have the following in your four:
At least one significant correlation and at least one significant t-test.
At least one non-significant correlation and at least one non-significant t-test.


(about 1-2 pages)

How did we collect our data? (IRB approval, online or paper, who collected, etc)
Participants and Procedures (What was our sample?)
– How many total participants? How many men and women (numbers or percentages)?

– What was the age range? Mean and standard deviation?

-Academics: GPA, Study Hours, and Skipped Classes

3. Instrumentation – What scales/questions did we use? Report the name, author and year, and our reliability.


2. Test Anxiety

3. Self-Esteem

Part three: Results

(about 1-2 pages)
will email you the data samples need
Report by hypothesis or research question

– Restate the hypothesis/research question

– What test did you run?

– What was the result?

– Was the hypothesis supported or not supported?

Part Four: Discussion

(1/2 to 1 page)

What do our results tell us? What does this mean?
What are some “take-aways” from this research?

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