Reflective Learning Journal Term Paper

Reflective Learning Journal
Reflective Learning Journal

Write a reflective learning journal which demonstrates reflections and evaluations of CONTEMPORARY (no more than 3 months ago!) influences (music,films,celebrities,politic,theatre etc.) to FASHION.

You must reflect on them elucidating on how they influence fashion and/or vice versa, explaining the relevance and why they believe these factors are
important in the industry right now.
There should be less description than your own opinion and reflections. it must cover 3 different current topics.

EXAMPLE : it is an Olympic Games 2014 going in Russia,Sochi right now and lots of teams were wearing the uniform with multi-colored (rainbow) parts on it which was a protest to Russian anti-gay law,this is how the political situation has influenced fashion on the Olympic games (but don’t use this,it is just an example).

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