Reflective Writing for African American Literature

Reflective Writing for African American Literature class Reflective Writing Exercise This assignment asks you to “reflect” on your overall experience in this course.

Reflective Writing for African American Literature
Reflective Writing for African American Literature

For instance, if someone were to ask you to describe this course, what would you tell him or her first, second …in other words, what elements of this course were most memorable? The second part of your exercise should reflect on Why these things came to mind first or second…I would like for you to combine an analysis of one or more of your favorite readings along with your reflection of those readings which I expect to be more personal…tell me what you have received from this class, why the topic and associated readings you selected may remain with you for longer than the week after final exams, and relate that reflection to the description you provided for the first part of this essay …or even more personal, by incorporating any memories that may have been triggered by anything we read or discussed. I would like for you to make this both a personal reflection as well as an essay where you research your topic and relate it to something we read or discussed this semester. You will be evaluated on how well you integrate the above with the discussion of the work(s) you select. This exercise should be between 3 and 5 pages in length 12 font single or double spaced should contain quotes from the text(s), from which you are reflecting, in-text citations, and have works cited page. (Separate from the word count) 3 Readings are:

The Norton Anthology of African American Literature (Third Edition) (Vol. Two-Volume Set) Third Edition

The Intuitionist

Author: Colson Whitehead

The Underground Railroad

Author: Colson Whitehead

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