Relationship and Innovation in The Case of IKEA

Relationship and Innovation in The Case of IKEA Creativity, Design Thinking and Overcoming Barriers
A. Instructions:
You will write an essay, not a question and answer format like a test. Please read the
IKEA case in chapter six of your Hisrich and Kearney (2014) text. You are all familiar
with this case. Students will examine and assess how design thinking is implemented
and applied in the case of IKEA.

Relationship and Innovation in The Case of IKEA
Relationship and Innovation in The Case of IKEA

Students should discuss creative intelligence. Best
papers will weave in materials from Gelb (1998) and Puccio et al (2009) readings to
assess the case. Students may draw on materials from chapters 4 to 6 as well as covering
managing innovation and entrepreneurship. This requires an understanding of the
creative mindset in order to manage which is why I said best papers will incorporate the
Gelb (1998) and Puccio et al (2009materials to assess the case from the readings.
Students should not compare IKEA with other cases. Students are only assessing
Please answer the following questions in your essay. You should also define and
explain applicable terms from the readings as needed.
1. What is the culture of IKEA?
2. What creative/innovative problem did IKEA seek to define?
3. What was the direction IKEA took to define and resolve the problem?
4. Ow did IKEA select a solution?
5. What barriers did IKEA overcome to reach the solution?

Relationship and Innovation in The Case of IKEA

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are applying the facts from the IKEA case to larger learning.
Do not have chunks of text that are copied word for word in your paper. It is important to
think about the main concepts we have discussed from innovation and entrepreneurship
from opportunities to business plans and models as you write.
B. Materials for the Assignment: Students may only use the assigned textbooks
for this paper. Outside resources should not be used. The paper is submitted
through Turnitin. There should be no higher than 18% for TI results. Make sure to
use quotations even with paraphrases and have proper in-text citations for the
C. Writing the Case Study Essay: An Argumentative/Persuasive Essay contains
the following:
1. An introduction;
2. Thesis statement;
3. Support of the thesis statement;
4. Discussion of the dimensions which here will be whether they applied to the case
5. Agreement that the dimensions were used or refutation which explains why they
should have been used when they were not. Use the prompting questions above to help

6. Relationship and Innovation in The Case of IKEA A conclusion

You are writing a persuasive essay about whether the dimensions apply. This is also
called an argumentative essay. How do I write this type of essay?
This essay should be written in a narrative format using headings. Reminder: Do not
write an essay that has my questions listed and then you answer. It is not and Q
and A format. The essay should have a clear introduction, discussion, and conclusion. In
the Introduction some background is appropriate. This may consist of a brief history of
related past events or a review of the basic facts. Keep this short.
A thesis statement is required. This informs the reader of the writer’s opinion regarding
the matter under discussion and previews his plan of development. In the body of the
paper, the paragraphs the writer presents his points of discussion given the sections
described above. Paragraphs should start with a topic statement.
Each point is typically given its own paragraph and is supported by evidence. Most
often, the writer begins with his weakest point and concludes with his stronger
arguments. If all the writer’s points are equally strong, you build a relationship with his
audience (the reader, me) by discussing the most familiar, less controversial points first.
In the refutation or agreement section, the writer acknowledges whether or not the
dimensions were used. If they were not used he needs to refute the possibility that they
were not used and explain why they should have been used.
In this portion of the essay, the writer needs to “refute” or disagree or agree intelligently
with the opposition. It has to be more than a personal opinion. The conclusion then
should relate back to the thesis statement so there is a clear path from the introduction,
thesis, and narrative. The conclusion is not a repetition of the thesis section. The
conclusion lets the reader understand why the issue is important and ties everything
together to make a new point about the topic and its relevance.
A. Other Requirements:
i. LENGTH: A reflection paper should be no more than 4 pages and no less than
three pages. You are looking at approximately a minimum of 750 to 800 words
and no more than 1000. This does not include the cover sheet or the
references. All in-text references and reference page should be from the book;
Outside resources may not be used.

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