Research Literature Review Assignment

Research Literature Review
     Research Literature Review

Research Literature Review

This literature review is a 2500-word essay analyzing and synthesizing the research you have conducted on your topic thus far. The essay will make an argument about how writers approach your topic differently when addressing academic and popular audiences, using the literature you have compiled as support.

Your literature review is directed to a college-educated audience in a formal setting. This
audience will have some kind of stake in your topic, and you need to address this stake.
However, you should assume that your audience has no more knowledge about your topic than the average reader of a popular press source (consider your research here). As you discuss each article, be sure to be thorough and detailed in your discussion of the research.

Demonstrate your ability to analyze rhetorical situations by contextualizing your research and developing a claim about audience(s). Demonstrate your ability to analyze arguments through discussion of specific sources. Provide support for your analysis of the rhetorical situation with thorough discussion of sources.

Your tone will be determined by two criteria: first, your writing needs to be appropriate for a college context; second, it needs to be appropriate and engaging for your audience.
The first criterion means that your writing needs to generally follow standard academic English conventions, be respectful, and not make excessive use of slang. The secondcriterion means that your writing should be lively, should not be stilted, stuffy, or mechanical, and should communicate something of your personality.

Assignment Description:
Drawing on the research you have already done (in your ILPs, for example), find at least 8 sources (12 for your final draft) on your topic—4 that address a general, popular press audience and 4 that address an academic one. Analyze these sources using all of the
rhetorical concepts we have discussed thus far. At the least:
• Analyze the exigence(s), kairos, and bias of your sources
• Evaluate their stakes, stakeholders, and audiences
• Consider their structure and delivery
• Ask what each source wants you to remember—or forget—about the topic
• Investigate how each source uses Stasis Theory
• Submit the arguments to a Toulmin analysis
During and after your analysis, pay specific attention to the ways the academic and popular audience articles differ from each other. Do they tend to invoke different exigences? Stakes? How do the structure, voice, and delivery vary from one audience to
another? What kinds of claims, supports, and warrants tend to be used? The main claim or thesis of your literature review will be an argument about how these differences work in the rhetorical situation(s) surrounding your topic.
In writing your literature review, you will need to support the thesis with data from your source analyses. You need to use all 8 (12 for your final draft) sources, although you may find yourself relying on some more than others—that’s okay. The important thing is that you identify patterns across your research, support these patterns with adequate
evidence, and address 1) why you think the patterns happen and 2) what effects you think these patterns may have. Be careful not to end up simply summarizing each of your articles. While you need to
discuss them thoroughly, this is not an annotated bibliography; it is an essay with both thesis and support. By the end of your literature review, your audience should be able to see the larger rhetorical situation of your topic, why it matters, and how it various across specific situations.

Important Criteria:
• Your paper must be no less than 2500 words.
• Include at least 8 sources in the first draft, and at least 12 sources in the final draft.
• Use at least 8 quotes in the text of your paper.
• Your paper will be in MLA format, including the Works Cited page (which should include all of your sources).
• Your paper should have a title. A title is like a handshake—consider the impression you want to give.
• You must have a precise thesis about how authors in your research deal with academic and popular audiences differently.
• Your sources will be used as the support for your thesis.
• Consider the overall cohesiveness of your essay—pay close attention to connections between your claims and supports, transitions between your
paragraphs, and flow between phrases, sentences, and ideas.

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