Research Paper on Othello by Shakespeare

Research Paper on Othello by Shakespeare
Research Paper on Othello by Shakespeare

Research Paper on Othello by Shakespeare


Research Paper on Othello: 1200 to 1400 words (not counting the Works Cited). This is a major project, worth 15% of your final grade. This is due later in the semester; see the schedule.

The assignment has three parts:

Explanatory Paragraph, due before the essay and Works Cited/Annotated Bibliography (see the course schedule)

Annotated Bibliography with at least four secondary sources due along with the essay (A secondary source is a piece of writing that talks about your primary source, which is the work you’re investigating this case, Shakespeare’s Othello.)
The essay itself

Below I have listed a number of potential paper topics. Choose one of these or come up with a topic of your own. If you choose one of these, you must narrow it and make it yours. I will be happy to discuss topics on email with you at any time.

The Explanatory Paragraph will say what you will prove in your paper. I should be able to read this and know what to expect from your paper. Your thesis will include a judgment call an opinion. Then you will prove that opinion with three thesis points backed up with specific quotes, summary, and analysis from the play all analyzed and cited by act, scene, and line number. Your points will also be backed by analysis of cited secondary sources. Judgment calls are what keeps your paper from being simple plot summary. Learning to support an opinion with facts is a step toward developing valuable critical thinking skills.
This paragraph will evolve into your thesis statement. The three-point thesis statement should be as detailed as possible: it can be several sentences in length if you like.

This is a research paper, and you are required to find four scholarly articles in the IRSC library online databases and/or Google Scholar. You must use all four of these sources in your paper. You will most likely need to skim quite a few articles before finding three that help you make your point, so begin this process as soon as you decide on a topic. You will include these sources in the ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, which will be the last page of your essay. See the material on MLA Style Annotated Bibliographies on how to format this assignment. I highly recommend that you find your articles on JSTOR, one of the databases available through the IRSC library. Again, at least four sources must come from the library databases and/or Google Scholar. You may use additional sources acquired elsewhere (i.e., from the internet) if you like.

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