Research Paper

Students will conduct independent research and analysis and apply legal principle(s) learned from the course to the
assignment. Using the LETU online library, each student is to locate a newspaper article that covers and reports on a current
and ongoing civil lawsuit (NOT CRIMINAL). This could include a local or national civil lawsuit. Each student should thoroughly
review the chosen article and then research the internet, local library, etc. for additional analysis and/or opinions on
various legal aspects of the lawsuit. The students are to prepare a 7-10 page paper (page number DOES NOT incude title page,
works cited page, etc.) using APA format and include the following: (1) summary of one or more of the main legal arguments;
(2) personal, but legal opinion/stand on one or more of the main legal arguments; and (3) brief overview of final outcome of
lawsuit or current state of lawsuit. As with all individual assignments in this course, the student is expected to apply legal
principles and theories learned in the course to all assignments.

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