Rhetorical Strategies Analysis Major Essay

Rhetorical Strategies Analysis Major Essay Write an essay in which you analyze the rhetorical strategies of the author in the article

Rhetorical Strategies Analysis Major Essay
Rhetorical Strategies Analysis Major Essay

Reproductive Justice is Every Woman’s Right” published in 2006 in NOW Magazine Preview the document. BE SURE to include a Work Cited with the article cited as an article in a magazine. You don’t have to cite it as a PDF. DON’T FORGET INTERNAL CITATIONS!

Write an introductory paragraph that summarizes the argument, and has the name of the author and title of the article in quotation marks. Include a thesis Preview the document–it should be your last sentence in the intro. You are arguing whether or not the author argued effectively, so your thesis will say, “In [“Title of Article”], columnist Bob Jones effectively argues [you may add how he argues] that global warming is a real and present danger.”

In two or three fully-developed body paragraphs, focus on these elements:

the writer’s use of analogy, questions, evidence, description and narrative, or personal experience as support for his or her claim and reasons (logos, pathos); provide evidence in the form of quotes; the writer’s credibility and authority (ethos); provide evidence; the match between the genre and the argument, and the genre and the audience; the audience of the argument; and the writer’s word choice and level of formality; provide evidence.

Conclude with a paragraph summing up her argument and whether or not it is effective. Aim for approximately 750-1,000 words.

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