Robert Frosts Didactic American Poetry

Robert Frosts Didactic American Poetry This is a Final Paper for an American Poetry Class
At least 7 pages double-spaced plus a  “works consulted”; annotated bibliography (use MLA rules for bibliography) of at least four authoritative sources, primary or secondary.

Robert Frosts Didactic American Poetry
Robert Frosts Didactic American Poetry

(I asked for 6 sources on the site just in case)

Robert Frosts Didactic American Poetry Case Ideas Presentation

To give you an idea, this is what I am expected to present:
“I expect you to read beyond the anthology (Oxford Book of American Poetry.) Get to know some of the poet’s background and historical context a bit more. Read some prose by the poet you are studying (essays, letters, reviews, etc.) and acquaint yourself with some of the criticism. The point is not to incorporate all of this research into the paper, but to build a reserve of knowledge so that you can develop an informed and challenging argument of your own about some aspect of the work. You may write on just one poem, or on a group of poems, but your discussion should reveal your awareness of the broader corpus. Regardless of your topic, I expect the paper to be attentive to poetic language and form as well as to theme and context.
As you think about your thesis, ask yourself:
Could anyone who has read these works disagree with it? (if not, it’s self-evident)
Is it sufficiently focused?
Do you make it clear how this idea develops over the course of the paper?

Robert Frosts Didactic American Poetry Key Terms

Can the reader tell what the key terms around which you’ve organized your argument are?
Finally, make sure that your citations, whether primary or secondary, are fully integrated into your argument and advance that argument. Use well-chosen quotation rather than paraphrase when possible to develop your points. If you cite secondary materials, be sure you have considered the context that informs the passage you quote.”
This is the topic/prompt I have chosen:
1. Robert Frost spent many years as a teacher. One of his famous essays is called “Education by Poetry: A Meditative Monologue”; Read the essay and apply it to a selection of Frost’s poems. Consider whether Frost can be considered a didactic poet, or whether his attention to the relation of metaphor to thought works against the didactic tendency."
I would like the thesis to be in favor of the argument that Frost is a didactic poet and have the essay focused on his use of metaphor in both small and large-scale in his poetry. One of the sources should be “Education by Poetry: A Meditative Monologue“; and within the selection of poems, I would like the inclusion of the poems “A Road Not Taken” and “Mending Wall.”
PS: I need a decent thesis that’s well supported, with reliable sources, and an overall feeling of research having been done, it should not have to be too intricate but it has to be more specific than just the prompt.

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