Rogerian Argument Outline Research Paper

Rogerian Argument Outline Research Paper Please note: The Rogerian argument and the research paper are two entirely different arguments that you will be writing this semester.

Rogerian Argument Outline
Rogerian Argument Outline

The Rogerian argument presents two sides of an issue and the common ground or compromise between the two sides. You will not take a stand on the issue.

Please review the lecture notes on Rogerian argument before completing this assignment.

For this assignment, you will complete a topic outline (phrases that indicate the main points and supporting points to be used in the research paper). Use Roman numerals for the main point and capital letters for the supporting points. A working thesis needs to be included in the outline.

Rogerian Argument Outline Research Paper Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. A brief background of the topic
  3. Explore the common ground (briefly)
  4. state the issue question and set a neutral tone
  5. Explain key supporting points on the issue

III. Explain key supporting points for the alternate side of the issue

  1. Explain a balanced view of the issue by reviewing valid points from the two sides
  2. Conclusion
  3. Describe a balanced and concise summary of the main points that represent the sides of the issue
  4. Present a middle ground position
  5. Reprise the middle ground position and present a position that will benefit both sides.

Rogerian Argument Outline Research Paper

As you are presenting a Rogerian argument you will need to have a clear thesis placed in the conclusion. Remember, as this is a Rogerian argument, the thesis should not take a stand on the issue. You will need to present both sides of the issue and a section that shows how the two sides do have some common ground. The paper also will need to have a conclusion that wraps everything up for the reader and presents the common ground. Remember, for the actual paper you will need to have more than five paragraphs in the paper.

Rogerian Argument Outline Research Paper Introduction

Lead-in sentences

(“hook” strategies: a scenario or an example, a related current event in the news, a startling statistic, a provocative question or statement)

Rhetorical context/brief synopsis of the discussion surrounding the issue

The issue stated as an issue question to set the neutral tone of inquiry and investigation


Two or three paragraphs to examine key supporting points that support one prominent position on the issue

Two or three paragraphs to examine supporting points that support an alternative position, opposing the above viewpoint

(The writer’s use of transition/signal sentences, such as On the other hand, critics argue . . . ; or, Despite these compelling arguments for . . . , many persons strongly oppose . . . helps prepare readers for the writer’s switch from examining one position to an opposing viewpoint.)

Rogerian Argument Outline Research Paper Conclusion

The paragraph which presents a balanced and concise summation of the most compelling points representing different sides of the argument

The closing paragraph which presents the writer’s middle-ground position, drawing elements from each position examined earlier

(A common ground value appeal can lay the groundwork for a united front in approaching a resolution to the issue; e.g.,

In the debate over legalization of physician-assisted suicide, we can all agree that we wish to make the process of dying more humane and comfortable for the individual person who is suffering from a terminal illness. Even so

. . . . Also, as illustrated, the writer may choose to use the inclusive first-person, plural point of view, we, to reinforce the collective spirit of his or her proposal.)

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