Rosenwald Schools Essay Assignments

Rosenwald Schools
            Rosenwald Schools

Rosenwald Schools

Who was Julius Rosenwald and what exactly was the Rosenwald school building program? Why did Tennessee become part of this program? What part did Booker T. Washington play in this program? How did this program impact African American communities in Tennessee? How did white communities react to this influx of outside money for black schools? According to the primary sources included in this weekís reading, how did African Americans react to the Rosenwald school building program? Why was so much emphasis placed on the buildings (schools) and not the teachers? What were the long term legacies of this program, if any?

Remember to include page numbers to cite your research from the chapters. You can include direct quotes from the chapters, but these should be short.


Amy Sayward, ed., Tennessee Histories, Hayden-McNeil (Macmillan Learning), 2016

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