Safety and Risk Management Report

Safety and Risk Management Report As the newly appointed Health, Safety and Wellbeing Director in a company which currently has an ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system, you have recognized that the health and safety management system requires significant improvement.

Safety and Risk Management Report
Safety and Risk Management Report

The Managing Director is keen to align health and safety with these two systems and has asked you to produce a fully referenced 3000-¬‐word management report detailing the strategy to enable this.
It is not sufficient to simply describe a health and safety management system. The report must include a strategy for the implementation of a system which is based on a foundation of published research, guidance and standards which must be fully referenced in the report. The report should be structured and include an executive summary and a suitable action plan.
You are free to make any reasonable assumptions about the company and these should be included where appropriate as an appendix to the report. The inclusion of novel and creative approaches to the strategy are encouraged.

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