Sales Management Career Assignment

Sales Management Career
Sales Management Career

Sales Management Career


A. Introduction–Introduce the reader to both the field and the specific job within that
field, which you would like to pursue. For instance, “education” is a field and “teacher”
is a specific profession within that field. Explain why you are attracted to this profession, briefly including a few deciding factors such as interest, location, money, security, excitement, fulfillment, etc.

B. Job Description—Describe the job both in general and specifically. (Example: Include a description of teaching high school in general, as well as teaching Science specifically.)

C. Your Fit—Analyze why you are a good fit for the job, as well as which skills you lack, but could work on.

D. Formal and Informal Qualifications—Education and/or experience.

E. Monetary compensation—include average beginning and ending salaries, the potential for this salary to support a desired lifestyle within a specific location and benefits.

F. Career Advancement—What are the possibilities for advancing in this career? Will additional education be required to advance?

G. Career Fulfillment—“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is a quote that has been attributed to many great men, and it’s true! Self-fulfillment is a crucial factor in all career choices. Explain how your job choice will give you enjoyment and make you feel good about being you.

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