Sally’s Behavior and different school

Sally's Behavior and different school
Sally’s Behavior and different school 

Sally’s Behavior and different school

There are different ways to look at and understand human behavior. In other words, there are different perspectives or schools of thought.

The following is a case study on “Sally.”

Sally was a student I worked with many years ago. She had frequent temper tantrums during class and as the school psychologist, I would be called to the classroom to assist. Below are some of the details about her behavior. After reading textbook on Different Schools of Thought (or Psychology’s Perspective on page 11) and the details of Sally’s behavior pick two different schools of thought (or perspectives) and explain Sally’s behavior. This assignment is to give you a beginning understanding of the different schools of thought.

Sally was having frequent temper tantrums at school. He teacher reported that “for whatever reason” Sally would get mad at another student and threaten to kill the student. Sally’s voice would escalate into screaming, she would throw things around the room, perseverate saying, “it’s not fair, it’s not fair….”, and then expose herself. /since I was the psychologist she was then sent to my office.

— 17 year-old female student

— Cognitively Impaired (IQ 65 mildly intellectually disabled)

— Could read and write at (almost) a third grade level

— Verbal

— Attended a school for cognitively impaired

— No brain injury, no syndromes

— Mother had a history of depression

— Parents were divorced and she went back and forth between her father and stepmother’s house and her mother’s house

— The teacher tried a variety of techniques to calm her down with no consistent positive results.

— What is going on with Sally? Pick two perspectives to explain her behavior.

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