Saul’S interview Assignment Paper Available

Saul'S interview Assignment
Saul’S interview Assignment

Saul’S interview Assignment

Saul’S interview Assignment

listen to the podcast interview with John Ralston Saul:

In his book “A Fair Country” Saul argues that Canada is first and foremost a Metis nation, that it’s the roots are largely indigenous and as a result of the European arrival for the fur trade many Canadians are descended from those relationships between European men and indigenous women and subsequently so were descending generations. However, it is not only a Metis nation by blood relations, it also has a strong philosophy based on indigenous beliefs and culture and the close ties to the land from which all policies and thought in Canada are derived but most Canadians do not understand or realize it.
Saul is a respected writer, thinker and academic in Canada and he argues that colonialism interfered with the real roots of this country which are aboriginal.
What do you think about his opinion? Do you agree or disagree after listening to what he says? Discuss at least 4 statements he makes that convince you or persuade to reflect on this idea more seriously. You may not agree with him but he will present ideas that you may not have ever considered or knew about.

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