Schizophrenia Research Assignment Paper



this assignment requires reading from the book Winds Against the Minds by Lola Bamigboye. I will attach the instructions and the pages you need to read out of the book. Please use a lot of citation in the paper and answer each question fully . don’t do step 3 or 5.

NURS 3024- Mental Health Nursing
Directions: Complete these set of questions/activities for each of the case study topics scheduled on your WATM reading schedule. The reading schedule will also have the due dates. Assignments should be completed in a modified APA format. Use times new roman size 12 font. Double space your assignment and use in-text citations as needed. Your assignments must also have a title page and reference page. You may use your textbook, care plan book, as well as what is covered in class to address this topic.

Step 1: Write a 1-2 page overview describing the pathophysiology behind the disease topic of interest (i.e. what causes this disease process to happen?).

Step 2: Outline the basic facts & your current understanding of the psychiatric condition(s) in your own words. Answer questions # 1-4 in 5 paragraphs.
1. Overview signs and symptoms of disorder (not cut and pasted from textbook/internet).
2. Specific symptoms seen in each of the case studies
3. Treatment Modalities: Medications and different types of therapies that may be beneficial for the specific case studies. Please remember the holistic aspect of nursing.
4. Patient Education: Identify appropriate patient teaching points that you would use to educate your patient should they have this disorder. Include important teaching methods regarding medication class, recommended therapy, and home maintenance.
Step 3: Identify four nursing diagnoses with four specific interventions with specific goals of treatment for the assigned reading. Does not need to be case study specific but can be focused on any individual with the same diagnosis.
Psychiatric Disorder Nursing Diagnosis Nursing Intervention Rationale for chosen Intervention

Step 4: Reflection Questions
1. What did you find of interest and/or surprised you about each case study? Be able to explain your response to the clinical group. (3 paragraph minimum)
2. Were you reminded of a family member or friend? Would you care to share how? (For this question you do not have to share but if you’d like it can be helpful for your classmates to hear). (a few sentences)
3. What did you underline? (1 paragraph)
4. Does the information presented in these case studies on the disorder of interest challenge your preconceived notion on this topic? If so, do you feel your previous views were influenced by the media (ie. News, movies, etc?) or personal experience? (1 paragraph)
5. With this new knowledge how will this impact your practice as a registered nurse? (2 paragraphs)

1. How has your perception or understanding of Mental Illness been challenged as a result of exposure to Winds against the Mind as well as in relationship to the particular reading assignment? (fully answer the question)

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