Schnucks Credit Card Breach and Public Relation

Schnucks Credit Card Breach and Public Relation This is outlined:
Frame this as a public relations dilemma. Find out the name of the head of PR at Schnucks and take it from that person’s point of view. Make sure your
statement of ethical question is framed at the point of ethical dilemma–not after the fact.

Schnucks Credit Card Breach and Public Relation
Schnucks Credit Card Breach and Public Relation

Pretend you don’t know what really happened in the case and isolate the case at the point of dilemma…as in something like … should (PR director’s name) (PR director’s formal title) advise the president of Schnucks to speak up immediately, now that the breach has been discovered, or wait until more information is available BTW the name of the director of PR is LORI WILLIS…

Schnucks Credit Card Breach and Public Relation Requirement

I Situation Definition
(This is where you outline the facts and context of the case.)
A. The Facts: Briefly and objectively describe the facts as outlined in the case. (I shouldn’t be able to guess your opinion and decision after reading the
description.) NOTE: Bring this section to the point of ethical decision. Be sure to introduce us to the key players, including the decision maker.
B. Conflicting Values and Principles: Identify and discuss the conflicting values and principles that are at play. For example, does the case involve truth,
privacy, conflict of interest, the public’s right to know, harm, fairness, justice, loyalty, media credibility, harm to others, confidentiality, etc.? Name the values, and discuss how they are at play in the case. Which values and principles seem to collide? If your values don’t conflict, keep looking.
C. Competition and Economic Factors: In real-life deadline situations these competitive and economic factors often dominate. State both the economic and
competitive factors at play.
D. Statement of Ethical Question: Clearly state the ethical question. (Note that you need to phrase it as a question.) This question should be specific to
the case, including the name and title of the decision maker, the name of the media organization, and the narrow issue at hand.

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