Scholar Practitioner Project Research Parameters

Scholar Practitioner Project Research Parameters In order to address your research question, you must first understand the content of the data available. Once you have identified the different statistical considerations and best procedures to analyze your data, you will be able to begin the design phase of your study.

Scholar Practitioner Project Research Parameters
Scholar Practitioner Project Research Parameters

At this point, you have already identified a data source for your project, and you have performed an initial evaluation of its content and basic characteristics. Now it is time to apply those statistical concepts that you revisited this week and develop the basic steps of your study design.

For this portion of your Scholar-Practitioner Project, you will define the parameters of your study.

Scholar Practitioner Project Research Parameters

Submit a 3-page paper that includes the following:

Your research question(s), incorporating any feedback you received from your Instructor to revise your research questions.

The study population you selected for your project (study population is defined based on your research topic) and a rationale for the chosen population.

Include a list of variables (dependent, independent, confounding, etc) from your selected data set, that you will be using to answer your research question(s).

Include a rationale for why you think those variables are enough for answering your research question.

If you are planning on selecting a sample from your selected dataset, indicate the sample size and the method for calculating the sample size, including your power calculations. If you are not selecting a sample from your dataset, explain the rationale for that decision.

Include SPSS output(s) to support your calculation(s)/result(s).

Support your response with the Learning Resources and current literature. Use APA formatting for your paper and to cite your resources.

SPSS: The association between income, age, and educational attainment among adults in Hawaii.

Scholar Practitioner Project Research Parameters Resources

Statistics Navigation (Sample Size) Retrieved from

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