Sexual Offender Registration Laws

Sexual Offender Registration Laws Topic: Sexual offender registration laws create more harm than good. I am debating the “pros” side of the debate.

Sexual Offender Registration Laws Instruction

Many policies in the criminal justice system are controversial. Researchers, administrators, and the public often take opposing views and cite sound reasons for their positions.

Sexual Offender Registration Laws
Sexual Offender Registration Laws

It is important that educated professionals be able to analyze these arguments to be able to develop appropriate and effective policy. It is also important to know both sides of an issue and be able to counter arguments against your informed position.

Therefore, teams of 3-4 students each will be assigned a topic by the instructor. There will be two teams for each topic with one team assigned the “pro” position and the other team the “con” position. Each team will have 20 minutes to orally present its argument to the class. The “pro” position team will be first followed by the “con” team. Each team will be expected to buttress its presentation with research findings.

The debates are to be organized as follow:

 5 minutes of introduction

 10 minutes of presentation of material

 5 minutes rebuttal

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