Shakespeare’s HAMLET, Prince of Denmark

Shakespeare's HAMLET, Prince of Denmark
Shakespeare’s HAMLET, Prince of                         Denmark

Shakespeare’s HAMLET, Prince of Denmark

In three (3) full pages of discussion, thoroughly explain why Hamlet waits so long to kill Claudius. Include specific details and examples from the literary work(s) to support your opinion. In addition, include information from the literary criticism included in this module; the link is below.

Include a minimum of 6 well-structured paragraphs in your three pages of discussion.

Write in 3rd person.

Use present tense to discuss literary work(s), but past tense to discuss author(s).

Include title(s) and author(s) in the introduction.

The thesis must be the last sentence in your introduction.

Your topic sentence must be the first sentence in each body paragraph.

Include a minimum of 7-8 well-structured sentences in the introduction and in each body paragraph.

Include a minimum of three (3) sentences in the conclusion. Use Times New Roman with 12 font size.

Literary Criticism – paraphrased ideas (two from the source – total of two)

Remember to include along with your discussion two paraphrased ideas from the literary source. Include parenthetical documentation to give credit to the author of each of the two ideas from the source. In other words, you MUST PARAPHRASE the information you borrow from the critical source. DO NOT QUOTE FROM THE LITERARY CRITICISM (SOURCE).

Work of Literature – brief quotations (two from Hamlet – total of two)

Include two quotations from Hamlet. Include documentation to give credit to the author of each quotation, as well. In other words, include no more than two (2) brief quotations from the work of literature. Brief quotations should be no more than three lines each.

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