Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation Assignment

Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation

Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation
Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation

Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation

For your second essay, you will analyze an original Sherlock Holmes story and one or two adaptations or fanfics, and develop an argument about their relationship.

Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation

Part of your work will involve comparing the original and adaptation or fanfic, thinking about what changed and what remained the same (see below for more specific questions), what strategies the adapters or fanfic writers used, and to what effect or purpose.

The other part of your work will involve building an argument out of those comparisons.

Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation

This argument will depend on the texts you choose and your focus, but some possible angles include: new understandings of Sherlock and/or Watson, new understandings about a particular case, new understandings about their place in culture, new understandings of the characters’ interactions, new insights gained using a critical strategy, new insights about gender dynamics, new understandings about society, new understandings about genre, mode, or audience, and much more.

You definitely will not want to cover all these aspects but to choose an angle appropriate for your chosen texts.

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