Small Class Group Discussion Facilitation

Small Class Group Discussion Facilitation Small Group Facilitation (15%) Due date: Ongoing Weeks 2-14 on MONDAY BEFORE CLASS

Small Class Group Discussion Facilitation
Small Class Group Discussion Facilitation

During the first class session, students will be assigned to small groups. On a rotating basis, each member of the small group will be assigned responsibility to facilitate a small group discussion based on course reading(s) for the week,

and then present the most relevant content to the larger class after small group discussion. Facilitators will also come up with a discussion question to highlight key points from the reading(s).

Each student facilitator will also submit the summary on iLearn in advance of class. Facilitators will also be required to generate a written summary to be submitted to all the members of their small group on the day they facilitate the discussion. ALL group members are expected to be fully engaged by reading and coming prepared to the group with questions and comments concerning the reading. No points will be earned on this assignment if you miss the scheduled date to facilitate your small group. In a minimum of 2 pages (12-point, double-spaced), address the following:

  1. What main concepts/themes stood out most to you from the readings for this week? If you have been assigned an exercise (or essay questions) to complete, submit the completed exercise (or questions) as your response to Question #1.
  2. How does the content challenge or support your belief system or values?
  3. How does the content apply to your life, field placement or work experience?

At the conclusion of your paper, provide a discussion question to guide your group (as well as the larger

  1. Discussion Questions group) in understanding the key points of the reading.


Read the chapter(s) prior to class and summarize the main points, both in writing and within your group. Bring discussion topics and ideas to facilitate the group discussion. Engage in active listening to be able to keep the discussion going. This includes responding to a group members input and/or asking probing questions that will lead

11 to further and deeper discussion. Close out the discussion by summarizing everyone’s thoughts and ideas to share with the larger class.

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