Social Isolation in Older Adults Essay

Social Isolation in Older Adults
          Social Isolation in Older Adults

Social Isolation in Older Adults

Social Isolation in Older Adults: Increasing Social Engagement in the Senior Population

This paper is a scholarly paper that combines a description of the A & O Connect Program AND 5 relevant research articles.


(“Research articles” means articles that describe research studies; qualitative/quantitative, include methods/discussion).

Structure of the paper:

  1. A brief introduction that sets the stage. What is the Connect Program? What research articles will you discuss? How did you find the articles? What did you search? (1 paragraph).
  2. Description of the connect program (1 page)
  3. Discussion of research articles. How do they relate to the Connect Program? (3-4 pages)
  4. Conclusion. An overall summary statement about how well the research discussed supports/doesn’t support the Connect Program. (1/2 page)
  5. Reference list for the research articles. Must be in APA 6th edition.

Evaluation Criteria:

-The introduction provides a good overview of the paper

-Sufficient and accurate description of the Connect Program

-At least 5 research articles that are relevant to the Connect Program and social engagement in older population.

-Sufficient and accurate description of research articles and HOW they relate to the Connect Program.

-An appropriate conclusion has drawn based on the research articles discussed

-Appropriate referencing of articles and provision of Connect Program website links. APA 6th edition.

-Organized, quality paper.

What am I supposed to write about in the paper?:

WHAT: What does the Connect Program do? What is it about?

-Found on Connect Program Website. (

WHO: Who is the Connect Program for? What types of people are being targeted? How are they enhancing social engagement in the older population?

-Found on Connect Program Website. (


WHY: What is the program expected to accomplish? What is it for? Why is it there?

-Found in the 5 research articles you find.

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