Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization

Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization Executive Summary about a Social Policy Problem for an Executive or a Committee in the Organization Research and write an executive summary about a social policy problem for an executive or a committee in the organization you pick (this could be a company, a branch of government, a non-profit organization, etc).

Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization
Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization

The purpose is to give your audience a concise, specific overview of the information and viewpoints
crucial to understanding the issue you choose . You will make recommendations to your organization regarding the actions they can take to address this issue.

Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization

You are writing to inform rather than to persuade, through your organization’s priorities and your reader’s role in that organization will influence how you focus your summary and the relative emphasis you give to different material.
The professor wants us to exactly follow both the sample essay and the outline he posted. I will upload the sample essay he posted with this order. Below is
the outline he wants to follow:
1. problem statement: open by defining the problem you are addressing.
2. Background/problems: Draw on your research to provide background information about the problem so that your audience can better understand it.
3. Previously Attempted Solutions: Draw on your research to discuss what has been tried in the past to address the problem. Analyze the strengths and
weaknesses of these attempts.

Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization

4. Recommendations: what specific action or actions should your organization take to resolve the problem( remember: your solutions should be primarily based on economics strategies)
Sample essay which he wants to use to follow is attached. It should look like a professional document written for your chosen organization. You should also use subheadings and may want to consider organizing some information with a bulleted list.
How Many / What Sources Will I Need?
There is no one? size ?fits ?all number for sources ? it will depend on the topic you choose and how narrowly you focus. As you start your research, you
should aim for 10 really good sources as your foundation.

Social Policy Problem for Committee in the Organization

What is even more important than the number of sources is quality. You should be highly selective in your sources, and gather all of your research from
reliable sources that approach their subjects in depth, such as:
The Atlantic Harper?s Magazine Wired
The Economist
The New Yorker
The Harvard Business
Smithsonian Review New York Times NY Times Magazine
Wall Street Journal
These kinds of publications do extensive analysis and discussion of issues rather than simply report the news. The above are just a few examples? they represent the caliber of publication that you should be using.

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