Social Psychology Research Assignment

Social Psychology Research
Social Psychology Research

Social Psychology Research

Answer the questions form ( Designing an experiment ) and then you will begin writing an proposal in APA format. You paper must include the following:

Title page in APA format

Introduction with literature review, purpose and hypothesis

Method section with including:

  • Participants
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Design
  • Reference page


  1. What is your independent variable and what is your subject variable?
  2. For each variable, do each of the following: (a) describe it, including how many different levels of the variable there will be (b) describe how you intend to manipulate the variable, and (c) explain why this variable is included in the design, and why each level of this variable is included.
  3. Describe your dependent variable(s), including how each will be measured.
  4. How many different conditions will there be in this experiment?
  5. How will you assign participants to the different conditions?
  6. What hypothesis or hypotheses will you be testing with this experiment?
  7. Evaluate the experimental realism and mundane realism of the experiment.
  8. Evaluate the ethics of conducting this experiment. Are there any reasons to be concerned about the welfare of the participants.

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