Socialization and Children in Sports

Socialization and Children in Sports Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a minimum 10-slide presentation that addresses and summarizes the following questions: • What is the sociology of sport?

Socialization and Children in Sports
Socialization and Children in Sports

• Why should sport be studied as an interactive learning process? • What is the connection between socialization and youth sport? • What impact does sports participation have on youth and social development? The purpose of this assignment is not to just answer the questions but to support your views in a presentation. You are required to use a minimum of two sources to support this assignment, 2. Search the internet for an article on virtual terrorism and cybercrime involving identity theft, identity fraud, or both. The article must be at least 2 pages long and no more than five-years-old. Summarize the article, then conclude with professional recommendations for proactive approaches that might have prevented the crime or at least mitigated its effects. Your response must be a minimum of a page in a half Use APA format when writing your response, including citations and references.

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