Sociological Research Assignment Available

Sociological Research
               Sociological Research

Generate a Sociological Research based on a topic discussed in class material or in the text

Assignment #2 – Sociological Research
1. Generate a sociological question based on a topic discussed in class material or in the text. Be clear on how it pertains to one of the topics studied so far.

2. Using that question, develop a hypothesis. Operationally define all the terms that will be measured. Clearly discuss and label all important components such as independent variable, dependent variable, positive or negative correlation, etc.

3. Explain what type of research design would best work to obtain the data and explain why you selected that particular type of design as the best option.

4. What limitations or problems might occur in trying to obtain the results? Make sure to add any ethical concerns.
The answers to these questions should be written in essay form using proper spelling and grammar. Papers should be 2-3 pages in length. You may not use actual research that has already been done. This is to be your own original work.
(I recommend reviewing chapter 4 in the text and the video under course material in module 1 to help you with this assignment.)
Due: no later than noon on March 22.

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