Sociology Mainly About Religion Research

Sociology Mainly About Religion Research Requires sociology book access; Macionis, J. J., and L. M. Gerber. Sociology.

Sociology Mainly About Religion Research
Sociology Mainly About Religion Research

Ninth Canadian Edition.
will upload a pdf of the full instructions in the additional files section please read it carefully and fully
2 pages 500-600 pages
Tutorial 1: Sociological Perspectives and Investigation (theory and research)
This tutorial, you are first, combines materials on theory and research with several readings
on religion.

Sociology Mainly About Religion Research

It should be clear from your lectures and readings that something as personal
as religion can be studied scientifically – or systematically. Your task is to explore this
notion more thoroughly. To prepare for this tutorial, you should read ONE the following
short pieces on Religion from your Religion chapter in your text/on Revel (Chapter 19).
They are called:
Make Jesus Your CEO
Religion in Canada: Decline or Renaissance
Does Science Threaten Religion
Check the Media: Religion is Hot!
(you only need to choose one but feel free to read them all for your own interest and
After completing the reading….Make sure that you understand the relationships among:
1) The structural-functional perspective, scientific sociology, surveys, and quantitative
2) The symbolic-interaction perspective, interpretive sociology, participant observation,
and qualitative data; and
3) The social-conflict perspective, critical sociology, and either quantitative or qualitative
Anyone of 1), 2), or 3) may make use of “existing data” in the form of surveys (e.g. the
census), historical archives, media coverage (movies, newspapers, books, or the internet),
or physical traces (e.g. signs of wear and tear in library books).
Once you have mastered the above, you are ready to tackle this tutorial assignment. You
are to take ONE of the readings from the religion chapter listed above, to discuss in terms
of the theory and methods clustered under 1), 2), and 3) in the paragraph above. In other
words, which one of the 3 clusters above was used to provide the information in the
reading you chose. An explanation of why you chose your particular cluster is a valid
contribution to your discussion of the tutorial assignment. In other words, you may tell us
about the characteristics of the reading (that means, how did the person/people who wrote
that piece on religion collect that info? What method/theory cluster did they use?

Sociology Mainly About Religion Research

There may be elements of more than one approach to research in the passage you chose
to discuss. Where that is the case, you should concentrate on only one of them…the
predominant approach and mention the minor one in passing.
Again, we want to see that you have internalized the concepts, theories, and methods of
sociology—and that you are able to use them in your tutorials. Don’t tell us what you
think or feel about the topic: tell us what you have learned from your classes and reading.
Note: Your TA will be looking for evidence that you understand the core concepts
covered in the assigned readings and that you are beginning to think sociologically.
Tutorials are 2 pages long (500-600 words) APA referencing format and submitted as
A word or PDF document. Submit your reference page as a separate document
Juuls/Nicotine/E-cigarettes and teen addiction.

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