Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA

Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA I. Introduction:

Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA
Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA

A. Brief description of the issue (problem): identify the issue you are investigating, giving whatever background information that is necessary.
B. Importance of the issue: what makes this issue an important or crucial issue. Why should we be concerned about it?
II. Body
Provide proper and relevant review of the subject. This section contains different theories and opinions concerning the issue under investigation.
III. Conclusion
Analyse the information and draw together your findings and observations and express your own opinion regarding the issue. Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA
In addition, it is important to pay attention to the following (your negligence could cause major deficiency in your work).

Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA Essay Paper Guidelines and Referencing

1. Papers are to be typed, double-spaced, at least 9 pages at length. The most important aspect of the paper is its proper documentation of the footnotes/endnotes and bibliography. The paper should contain proper citations (page numbers and accurate information leading to the sources), and at least eight (8) sources should be used. Moreover, the information sources must be recent (starting with the present year).
2. You Are required to follow one of the recognised and common writing styles (Preferably APA style). The deadline for the final submission of the paper is on the Sunday of the last week of class and it should be submitted online. No paper will be accepted in other format or after the deadline.
3. Each paper’s grade is based on the following criteria:
a. Paper structure (table of content, introduction, literature review, discussion, and conclusion) = 10 percent Some Aspects of Administrative Law in FEMA
b. Grammatical accuracy = 15 percent
c. Following proper writing style, recency of material, accuracy of documentation, and frequency of sources = 25 percent
d. Quality of the material presented = 50 percent

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