Standpoints in the Art and Design Field

Standpoints in the Art and  Design Field In this quarter we will look at where standpoints in the art and design field come from and what sort of ingredients are in the argument. Sometimes these are primarily linked with formal ideas (divine proportions, minimalistic aesthetics, functionalistic-, biomimetic based; sometimes with social/ environmental needs; sometimes linked with industrial, technological developments; sometimes psychological/individualistic (freedom of expression), etc. And often the argument makes use of a combination or synthesis of these arguments.

The final assignment this quarter is to write and give the

Standpoints in the Art and Design Field
Standpoints in the Art and Design Field

visual shape of a personal topical manifesto.

You can choose different forms as found in history: texts, list of statements, schemes, etc.) The manifest can be general in principle. It is also possible to issue a strong statement about more special issues and situations in the professional field.

Requirements, assessment criteria:

-The argument is topical

-The argument answers to rhetorical rules ( ethos, logos, pathos)

-There are at least 500 pregnant words or at most 2500 explaining words.

-The argument is visual convincing.

-Apart from this, a context with sources is described.

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