Stem Cell Research-Curing without killing

Create a persuasive speech. APA format. Bibliography with page numbers listed. 1. The introduction needs to contain an ATTENTION GETTER. 2. Link to
audience-emotion, identify personal connection. 3. Credibility-demonstrate how you are an "expert" through own use, experience, or study. 4. Thesis
statement, state goal. 5. Briefly outline what you are going to tell the audience. Transition to the next section which will be the BODY-best contained in
three points. Please use TRANSITIONS to go from point to point. Conclusion-again restate outcome or thesis, restate main points and finally a Call to Action.
Please write this persuasive speech with a freshman college public speaking class in mind. Please use simple words. The point I want to make is that stem
cell research on human embryos is wrong and that there are proven alternatives that do not destroy life.

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